Black Splat All in the Family (1968-1979)


All in the Family - Archie Bunker and Mike Stivic

Description: - What Archie Bunker (Carroll O’Connor) calls Michael "Mike" Stivic (Rob Reiner) on the situation comedy ALL IN THE FAMILY/CBS/1968-1979.

Mike Stivic is the unemployed son-in-law of Archie Bunker, a bigoted, working-class World War II veteran. Mike is married to Archie's daughter, Gloria (Sally Struthers) who loves him dearly, but Archie has mostly feelings of disgust for this atheist, hippie loser.

Mike moves in with his in-laws while he earns his college degree, but the cramped quarters and the volatile tempers of both Mike and Archie put them at odds with each other which results in Archie often calling Mike a "Meathead." The term was once explained to mean "dead from the neck up."

All in the Family - Mike and Archie argue as usual

During one of their disagreements, Archie tells Mike, "Sticks and stone may break my bones, but you are one dumb Pollack!" Archie once commented to his wife (Jean Stapleton), "We lost a daughter, Edith, but we gained a Meathead." Archie also calls Mike a "Knucklehead!" Ironically, in high school Archie was also known as "Meathead."

As the series continued under the title ARCHIE BUNKER'S PLACE, Mike Stivic divorces his wife, Gloria during the 1982-1983 season and runs off to a commune with a flower child, thus fulfilling Archie’s opinion of his son-in-law, namely that he was a "Meathead."

Archie:: I'm gonna go into town and get me a good Jew lawyer.
Mike: Do you always have to label people? Why can't you just get a lawyer. Why does it have to be a Jewish lawyer?
Archie: Because if I'm going to sue an "A-rab," I want a guy that's full o' hate!

Mike: We're going to see something you know nothing about: culture. [shows Archie an art exhibit book]
Archie: Oh ho ho, look at this. No wonder he's getting himself so excited, it's one of his own here: A Polack art exhibit.
Mike: That's 'Pollock'. Jackson Pollock. He happens to be a great American artist.
Archie: Well he sure paints Polish. Look at this: he splashes and smears the paint over everything here. What do you mean? A monkey could do that. A great American artist? There ain't a tree or a flag or a president in the whole damn book.
Mike: I'd explain it to you, Arch, but first you'd have to move your brain ahead two centuries.
Archie: Why don't you go take a short walk on a long pier?
Mike: Ha, you can't even get that right! It's take a long walk off a short pier.
Archie: Then do that.

Mike: Hey it just occurred to me, Mickey Mouse is black.
Archie: Mickey Mouse ain't got no race. He represents all men.
Mike: Oh, I guess that's why Walt made him a mouse.

Mike: Why couldn't they say "Buddha, bless you" in Chinese?
Archie: Because they don't say that, that's why. If they say... Well, if they say anything at all, it's "Sayonara".
Mike: That's Japanese.
Archie: Same thing.
Mike: It's not the same thing!
Archie: What are you talking about? You put a Jap and a Chink together, you gonna tell me which is which?
Mike: That's right, because I find out about them. I talk to them as individuals.
Archie: Sure you talk to them. You say, "Which one of you guys is the Chink?"
Mike: [yells] I don't believe this. He's making me crazy!

Mike: That's what's wrong with this country; nobody asks questions any more!
Archie: Can I ask YOU a question?
Mike: Sure.
Archie: Why don't you shut up?

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